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Expert in sealing solutions for distributors and manufacturers

SEAL FRANCE is specialized in the sales and manufacturing of standard and customized sealing solutions. For over 20 years, our team of experts has advised, supported and provided technical assistance to its customers in a climate of trust. Thanks to its experience and know-how, SEAL FRANCE wishes to share its experience using appropriate tools adapted to your sealing systems.

3 fields of sealing solutions:

Static sealing

Rotary sealing

Linear translation sealing

Sealing solutions, our job!

As soon as the type of sealing is defined, one question arises: Is it a single acting sealing SE, meaning that it will ensure the sealing in one-sided, on the contrary with the double acting seal DE, this one may be subjected to the pressure from both sides.
It is strongly recommended to collect all the information needed for the proper functioning in order to define the most appropriated sealing solutions, and to understand the expectations of the user. This, in order to provide you the best advices.
Hardness: Qualifies the ability of the material to resist deformation under the pressure, hardness is expressed in Shore. Shore A for rubbers and Shore D for the thermoplastic material.
Pressure: Each kind of seal has unique characteristics resistant to the pressure, indicated for information, this remains subjected to the following criteria: conditions of use, operating pressure, permissible gap, operating speed, frequency, frictions and tolerance requirements in machining etc.

A wide range

Rotary - Hydraulic - Pneumatic – Aseptic – Machined parts

+ 60 000 references

O-ring, hydraulic seals, aseptic seals, pneumatic seals, oil seals, wipers seals …

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A team of experts

Advises, helps and provides you technical assistance.

A complete traceability

Our material are certified FDA, KTW, W270 or USP VI.

Custom manufacturing

For specific dimensions, we propose you various methods of manufacturing to suit your needs.