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FPM (named DIN/ISO) or FKM (ASTM) is a material characterized by a good resistance to the high thermal and chemical products, but has limited resistance to cold.

PTFE is a thermoplastic polymer having a large range of advantages. Resistant to almost all chemical attacks. Limits: hardness and cold flow.

FFPM combines the benefits of PTFE with the elasticity of the fluoro rubber (FPM). Compatible with almost all chemical attacks, even the most aggressive.

The silicone rubber has the best temperature range, however poor gas permeability and low mechanical properties.

Polychloroprene is a rubber developing good wear and mechanical properties.

EPDM is a material which has good properties resistance to weather conditions.

Polyurethane are characterized by good mechanical properties.

NBR is the most used material in sealing, thanks to its exceptional resistance to oils and greases.